Marine Accident Investigation Branch

About the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)

The MAIB is the UK authority responsible for investigating accidents at sea.

It exists to investigate marine incidents and establishes the facts in order to help prevent further avoidable accidents from occurring, not to establish blame or liability.

The MAIB publishes regular 'Safety Digests'. These are easily readable summaries of its incident reports and the lessons learnt in each case. You can learn an lot from other people's incidents, regardless of the vessel type or industry sector.


They also produce a Fishing Industry Digest, although this hasn't happened recently.


The comprehensive reports, which contain the evidence gathered in each case, are also available from the MAIB Website

For details on what needs to be reported and how to report an incident to the MAIB - Click Here

MAIB Safety Digests 

MAIB Safety Digest 1-2021.JPG
MAIB Safety Digest 1 - 2020.JPG
MAIB Safety Digest 1 - 2019.JPG
MAIB Safety Digest 2 - 2020.JPG
MAIB Safety Digest 2 - 2019.JPG
MAIB Safety Digest 2 - 2018.JPG