Medical Fitness Certificates

ILO 188 regulations now require all fishermen to have a Medical Fitness Certificate.

There are two types of Medical Fitness Certificate, the ML5 and the ENG1.


The regulations are complicated, and the full details can be found in MSN 1886 Amendment 1, but essentially if you work on any vessel other than a day boat, you are already required to hold an ENG1.

The ENG1 is only available from an MCA approved doctor and is valid for 2 years unless you are under 18, when it is valid for 1 year, or the doctor applies a restriction to your certificate for a medical condition.

The current fee for an ENG1 is £115.

(Updated 27th November 2020)


If you operate on a day boat then you should only need an ML5.

An ML5 can be completed by your GP and is valid for 5 years, simply print off this form (MSF 4112) and take it with you for your doctor to complete.

There is no set fee for an ML5 as the MCA regards this as a private transaction between you and your GP, but generally the cost is similar to an ENG1.

Medical Fitness Certificates.JPG

To find an MCA Registered Doctor for your ENG1, click below