How do I Report An Accident ?

The MAIB has a dedicated reporting line for incident reporting which is manned 24 hours a day.


Telephone 02380 232 527 in the UK,

OR +44 2380 232 527 from outside the UK.

Once the incident has been reported by telephone an Accident Report Form must be completed and sent to the MAIB


it is essential that the MAIB investigates accidents immediately, before vital evidence decays, is removed or lost. To enable this the law requires that accidents, including serious injuries, be reported by the quickest means possible.


A marine incident could be something serious, such as a loss of life or substantial damage to a vessel, or something less serious like an unintentional grounding on soft mud, or a fire on board which did not cause any serious damage. The full guidance on what should be reported can be found in MGN 564

MAIB Safety Digests make interesting reading and may prevent future accidents.